ROBO-SHARK Offers Professional Solutions

Long-duration underwater operation

Omnidirectional obstacle-avoidance system


Close To Two Meters In Length
The robot is 2 meters in length and more than 60kg in weight. The wind and wave-resistant rating is 4.
Multi-Joint Caudal Fin
The multi-joint design for the caudal fin can lower the noise . Accordingly, the effect on water environment is smaller.
All-Around Obstacle-Avoidance
With the omnidirectional obstacle-avoidance system on board, the safety of moving automatically in the water is improved.
Fine Compatibility advantage
Considerable space inside the robot for carrying the add-ons. It can go with various communication protocols to suit your needs.
Platform parameters:
Size: 1800*870*960mm
Std.Wt.: 54.0Kg
Depth: 300m
Battery life: 2h
Range: 1.5-3km
Support: ground controller base station

ROBO-SHARK is a bionic underwater robotic platform used in the ocean with high speed and low noise。 Thanks to its feature of being able to track the target quickly, ROBO-SHARK can do missions like closing up rapidly, cruising with high mobile force。 The robot takes the real shark as the prototype, with the motion being generated by the three-joint caudal fin instead of the propeller that can effectively lower the noise cause by the operation and reduce the power consumption as well。 The shell is made from sound-absorbing material which makes it can be easily disguised。 With the motion being generated by the caudal fin, ROBO-SHARK can travel at speed up to 10 knots。